Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Giggle #18

Friday was Business Day at the boys' school. Fourth graders formed businesses, made products, marketed them, and sold them to the other grades. Nick and his friend Josh teamed up to make brownies and mints, which sold extremely well.

Jack's teacher gave each of her students a dollar (fake money) to go shopping. Here is her account of Jack's shopping experience:

[Jack] ended up getting watermelon. On the way out he noticed a brownie with BLUE icing and really wanted it. He literally went up to the girl selling them and batting his eyes (I am NOT making this up!) said "You know blue is my favorite color and I LOVE brownies, but I have no money." Well....who can resist that, she gave him one for free. I told Jack that his charming personality will not always get him free things in life.... I'm going to miss him this summer!

That's my boy!


  1. Lovely giggle, Thank you x

  2. Now where did he learn that???

  3. Too funny. My brother had the same skill growing up. It drove my sister and me nuts, especially because he never shared his loot.


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