Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things on Thursday: A Love Letter

A letter from my grandfather to my mother, dated 4 May 1949. Papa was participating in the Berlin Airlift at the time. The airlift ended just eight days after he wrote this letter.

The letter is written on very thin air mail paper. The ink must be acidic because there are tiny holes in places on the letters.

The Parker 51 fountain pen belonged to my grandfather (and may or may not have been the pen he used to write this letter). I've had the pen since his death in 1987.

The letter reads,

Hi Dianne

I received your letter today, I sure was glad to here from you. I think you can write very good and I bet you can read pretty good too if you are in the Blue bird class. How are you and your little sister geting along? I sure would like to see both of you.

You sure did look dressed up in that new Easter outfit. I am sending you a paper with this letter it has some pictures of old funny men on the back of it. Write real soon.

Love Daddy


Do you have a special letter or pen you cherish? Please share something special that speaks of love to you in the comments.


  1. We actually have a ship's log that my FIL kept while serving in WWII. It is quite interesting, and we take it out often and read first hand what these young soldiers were experiencing. I also have a shoebox full of old money and things that my father brought back, also from WWII. The bills are literally falling apart. All of our other keepsake letters burned in our house fire in 1980. (very sad face here) Thanks for sharing your letter.

  2. My most cherished letter actually is an e-mail that my dad sent to me during the days right after 9/11. He wanted me to know that he loved me and was glad that I was okay. I had been living in NYC for just two years at that point.


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