Monday, May 3, 2010

Gratitude Journal #40

Today, I am grateful for time spent with family doing nothing particularly special.

Today, I am grateful that George tried to buy a book I already own. It gave me a little thrill to be reminded again that the two of us, so different in so many ways, have some common interests, too.

Today, I am grateful that 42 years ago, my sister was born. She's my Best Friend for Life and an amazing, smart, funny, and kind person. Sorry I pushed you down the stairs all those years ago, Lisa. Big sisters can be so annoying.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful that today none of my friends heard me order "chedda" cheese in my deli salad. I'm just a girl from Pittsburgh. When did I pick up a Brooklyn accent? I think I've lived in NYC too long.

  2. I am thankful for my 18 year old grandson who doesn't think I am an 'old dork'.Last September,at the beginning of his high school senior year he came to me and asked "What words of wisdom do you have for me this final year of high school?" What a grand conversation we had! Count me lucky and grateful!
    Lu C

  3. i am thankful for family and friends. i just returned from a trip back to buffalo to visit dear friends, and then a side trip to western pa to be with my husband's family in his hometown. our fellas joined us from denver, and we had the BEST time. it was wonderful.
    thanks for sharing, susan.

  4. @Francie, I occasionally slip into my Scarlett O'Hara voice and DH always laughs at me.

    @Lu C, you ARE lucky...and a blessing to your grandson!

    @Marty, I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip full of friends and family! Welcome home!


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