Monday, May 24, 2010

Gratitude Journal #42

This is today's second post; to read my initial reaction to the Lost finale, please scroll down!

Today, I am grateful for bacon.

The bucket list is complete. As you can see, for a dog who was supposed to be dead three weeks ago, Hoover is remarkably alive and happy. And fat.

Today, I am grateful that Lost is over. It was a good story well told, and now it is time to move on. Oh, the layers of meaning in that phrase move on! I think my favorite line from last night was Miles saying, "I may not believe in much, but I believe in duct tape." But my favorite moment was at the very end, when Vincent the yellow lab lay down next to Jack. So glad they didn't forget about Vincent.

Today, I am grateful for benadryl. Again. Nuff said.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Grateful for your beautiful Hoover enjoying his bacon! He looks so sweet :) Oh...also grateful for air conditioning!

  2. I was listening to a current favourite song of mine today and it made me think of you and Hoover and the bucket list. I do not have a dog so when I first heard that Patty Griffin wrote this love song for her dog, I thought it a little odd. But I love the song and as I have read of your happy days lately with Hoover I thought you might like it too.

  3. Heeee, Hoover rocks. I just love him.

    Right now I am grateful for big loud storms that cool down the air very fast and effectively. We are like potatoes baking in our skins here (southern Wisconsin) lately and the storm was just the ticket.

  4. I'm grateful that Lost is finally over too! It was indeed a great show. However, it was definitely time for it to finish. At times, I thought it just got SO out of control. Haha!... And yes, it was very nice for them to include Vincent in the final episode. :)

  5. I have learned from your sweet Hoover that the secret to a long and happy life is eating more bacon.


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