Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Organization Is a Process

It's true.

Organization is a process. Not a destination. Same goes for cleaning.

How I wish this were not so!

I want to organize and clean up my life and have it stay organized and cleaned up forever. I don't want to have to keep organizing and cleaning. It's tedious. Boring. Overwhelming. Frustrating.

Why can't we just organize and clean up, and be finished? Move on to more interesting things, like reading mystery novels and stamping pretty cards.

There are certain battles we fight over and over and never, ever win. The battle to be permanently organized and clean is one such battle. How stupidly some of us tilt at these windmills. When our frustration peaks, we feel like giving up. Perhaps we do give up. And let all around us devolve into chaos.

You have one guess as to the current state of my house.


So since my March word is Process, I'm going to try to accept that the process of organizing and cleaning up my life will last my whole life long, no matter how sad this fact makes me. Because a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and I'm done with the crazy tilting at this windmill.

Organization is a process. I will never be finished. Cleaning is a process. I will never be finished.

Will someone pour me a glass of Malbec, please?

I need it.


What windmills do you tilt at? How can you accept the natural, unavoidable processes of life (aging, parenting, edging your sidewalks, plucking your brows) with grace and perhaps a glass of wine? How can you fall in love with the process?


  1. And you have summed up perfectly why I am not cut out to be a librarian! In accounting, you can actually finish something. Perfectly. Ahhhhh!

  2. Timely post for me. I am realizing that this time of physical and emotional healing from the last 2 years of multiple surgeries/chemotherapy/infections is a PROCESS. I get very impatient and want to be done with this part and on to fun things, as well! If I'm honest, I know that there are lessons to be learned during the process, too...for me - patience, gratitude, acceptance, grace.
    My connection to your post doesn't involve cleaning, but your March word is so relevant right now in my life :)

    1. What a process to be going through, Marianne. Big hugs, and you know I'm praying for you...and have been for a long time!!

  3. My husband says that he will have these words engraved on my tomb stone - She tried to be organized". I like an organized home and an organized life, but these last few years due to health issues and unexpected life events, I am less organized than I like. However, the sky has not fallen, and life goes on perfectly fine. Process is a good word for me to remember.


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