Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gratitude Journal #230

Today, I am grateful for my friend Leslie, for our meetings that involve unrestrained talk about stamping, and for her generosity and kindness.

Today, I am grateful for space heaters and open windows...both of which I've used in the past week of wacky weather.

Today, I am grateful for doctors who care and follow up.

Today, I am grateful for service, for the privilege of serving in times of need, and for those who always find a way to help.

Today, I am grateful for community, for feeling connected to something larger than myself.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Awwwww, shucks. Did you hear me say that out loud? Today I'm finally going to the SCAC to help out. I'm so glad to be able to do this.


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