Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Giggle: Retro (Geek) Cool

You know, I'm finding that some of the most amazing, cool, and fabulously silly things are created by clever people in their spare time, and thanks to the joys of the Internet, the whole world can enjoy them. We humans love creating, and if what we create is epically useless yet utterly fun, so much the better. Case in point:

Imperial March Performed by Floppy Disks

Remember floppy disks? I sure do. I lost all 50 pages of my Great American Novel when one failed spectacularly in the Great Corrupted Disk Tragedy of 2003.

But I don't like thinking about that. Instead, I'm going to watch the Imperial March again and giggle with glee over the antique-looking wires and chips and disks in it. Then, I'm going to pull out my Blackberry and play around the Internet with it, not a wire in sight. Maybe there's a version of the Imperial March played on the accordion. Or reed pipes.

Now THAT would be retro cool.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the very loud laugh this morning. Quite a clever concept, actually.

  2. Too funny! I found some floppy disks,the BIG ones along with the small ones when I moved. Had old resumes on them. This old computer plays cd's and floppies! Wish me luck!


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