Monday, October 10, 2011

Gratitude Journal #108

Today, I am grateful to have our Daisy home from her second knee surgery. She is recovering well, much better than last time. We have to take the Cone of Shame off for her to eat, and as you can see, she doesn't want it put back on. As soon as she saw me coming with it, she scooted her head under a chair.

Her tactic didn't work. How sad!

Today, I am grateful for the Ironman Championships in Kona...always a good thing. George was able to hook his computer up to our television to watch the streaming internet coverage live all day long while wearing one of his Ironman Wisconsin finisher shirts.

This is, for George, much better than waiting until November for the networks to splice together 90 minutes of sappy coverage with voice-over by Bob Costas. I actually prefer the Bob Costas version because he talks about the age groupers and their stories of Ironman challenge. Yes, I'm sappy. George is not.

Today, I am grateful Nick coined a new word when he described a drugged Daisy as comatoast. LOVE that.

Today, I am grateful for our Stephen Ministry's study on Spiritual Gifts. Our teacher Karen did a great job guiding us through it, and it was very affirming and uplifting. Karen gave us each a rose on the last class Thursday. Mine is still beautiful.

Today, I am grateful for federal holidays not observed by our school district. George has today off, and the boys don't. We have an all-day date!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Crispy nights and warm days. Colored leaves. The farmers being able to harvest their corn and soy bean. So many prayers for Janelle. Sleep. A new light John put on my craft table. Coffee.

  2. Today I am grateful for my teapot. I'm sure there are many others things, but that springs right to mind. Oh, and my microwave. I am noticing a theme.

  3. I'm going out on a limb here by sharing a private pain, but what the heck ... maybe it will help someone else.

    Today I'm grateful for my friend, Lynn, who gave me an excellent book entitled "The Verbally Abusive Relationship ... How to Recognize It and How to Respond" by Patricia Evans. I just finished it tonight and FINALLY realize that I'm not the crazy person I've thought I was for so many years. I am married to a batterer ... a verbal abuser. The book was incredibly eye-opening, and I am grateful Lynn was able to help me see what she has seen all along.

  4. Anonymous, thank you. Bless you, and your friend Lynn. May the healing begin.

  5. Give Daisy an extra hug from me! Today I am grateful my DD's MRI didn't find a tumor. Some other issues that the Neurologist and God will take care of, hopefully.

  6. Daisy looks so sad. It always breaks my heart when animals are hurting. They just don't understand. What I am thankful for are pet owners who really truly, deep down into their soul, love their animals. I always got such a lump in my throat when our pets were hurting.

  7. Grateful that today my husband got news that he most likely will NOT have to have surgery and my daughter's treatment has made a 60% improvement to her situation and light is finally at the end of that tunnel!

    While I would love an all day date, we are on Fall break and today was one of the few week days my husband has been able to enjoy it with us!

    Also, blessings to Anonymous, you are never alone and may you gain strength each day on your journey.

  8. What wonderful things to be grateful for, from tea pots to healing, from light to harvests, from pets to family time, and as always, good news from doctors! Big things and little, ordinary and extraordinary. Thank you all for sharing.

  9. Susan, I just had to tell you that I was thinking of you and George and your Ironman stories this past weekend. A friend of ours, and cycling pal of my husband's, was in the Ironman in Hawaii ~ she came in 46th in her class! She stopped by yesterday with her gorgeous medal. Sounds like it was quite a tough race. What an amazing event. Thanks for sharing your Ironman stories - I think I had a greater appreciation for her experience thanks to you :)

  10. Bless you, Anonymous. I hope you've checked back in to know that you are on our minds.
    I'm a little jealous of this holiday not observed by the school - our district has taken that holiday & added a Professional Development day today, so we get a 4 day weekend. Extra days out of routine + 2 autistic preteens = thankful for Wednesday.
    I am grateful for the knowledge that you also call it the "Cone of Shame." And that Daisy is doing OK, shame aside. And I'm grateful that my friend in the next province has her daughter home from school today too, and they're coming over to visit. Friends make all the difference :)

  11. Nancy, how cool that your friend finished at Kona!! George would love to tackle that course, but he's unlikely to qualify. Did you see they had the oldest finisher ever this year? I can't wait to hear more about that story.

    onecraftymama, big hugs to you. WEDNESDAY is a GREAT day!!!!

  12. Sue_W (a.k.a Anonymous)Friday, October 21, 2011

    Thank you, ladies, for your kind words and encouragement. I've taken some steps that are going to help me tremendously in the long run. As people keep reminding me ... "it's a process" ... and one that will take time to get through. I know that with hard work and determination I will get through it and will come out happier on the other side. God bless you all!


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