Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marine Corps Marathon: My Crazy Husband

George is currently running in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. If you're interested in tracking his progress, go to the MCM website here, click on the Track Your Runner link in the right sidebar, and put in George's bib number 8922. It'll show you a map with a little icon running where he is on the course. How totally cool is that?!?!

As I post, he's 16.5 miles into it and running at a 10:10 pace.

Run, George. RUN!!!!


  1. How exciting! DS is in DC this week on AF business - wish I'd known yesterday - he could have gone to cheer him on! We'll be rooting for him :)

  2. He's probably done by now but I'll check it out anyway. Very cool!


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