Monday, October 17, 2011

Gratitude Journal #109

Today I am grateful for these pictures, taken by my husband, during our metro park hike yesterday.

Fall walks are a tradition in our family, and the only thing that kept yesterday's hike from being the awesomest was Daisy's absence. She still can't go on walks and probably won't be cleared to do so until December. She would have loved meeting and greeting all the people and dogs we passed on the trail.

Today, I am grateful for apple fritters and pumpkin picking, which are also Raihala family fall traditions.

Today, I am grateful for kind blog readers whose comments and emails keep me going, both in general and in the specific of my Friday post. Our Big Decision is no closer to resolution, but what makes it hard is that there is no wrong answer. It's just a choice between two very different and important priorities. And it's a choice neither George nor I are comfortable making. If one of us had a clear preference, the other would say, "Sure!" But we're both on the teeter-totter, neither moving forward. We hate being the grown-ups! But I am grateful that we have the opportunity to even consider the choice because we are truly blessed and fortunate to be where we are right now.

Today, I am grateful for church yesterday. The sermon was delivered by one of our lay speakers, and addressed the issue of not looking back but pressing on to the prize. No answer to our Big Decision in that (both end results would be prizes in their own way!) but Jack Hott's words definitely encouraged me to stick with whatever decision we make and not second-guess it. There's comfort in that, at least!

What are you grateful for today? Please share. There's value in stating our gratitude out loud, don't you think?


  1. My health. Crisp Fall days. My wonderful grandson. The sale of my plane and our motorhome, even though I will miss both of them.

  2. I am thankful for you. On a day when work is a bit much, I am reminded that I have four healthy, beautiful boys and wonderful supportive husband. And in the scheme of things, work problems will go away.

  3. Great pics :) Of course I'm a bit biased to the maple leaf in the water LOL!

    Loooove that set of verses in Phil. One of my favorite passages! Glad you were encouraged.

    I am thankful for the glorious, sunny day we had yesterday. Blue sky, gorgeous maple trees and others changing colour, an opportunity to get my garden all done for the fall (three bags of foliage at the curb to prove it) and my in-laws visiting (love them to death).

  4. The grapevines planted by a previous tenant. 7 half pints of grape jelly already made. The two bags of juice for two more batches currently sitting in the fridge. My husband's helping, making the process sooo much easier! And the fact that all my jars sealed!

  5. I am ever so grateful for physical therapy. I have been ignoring a sore shoulder for much too long. Now at the point of pain, physical therapy will eventually allow me to lift my right arm above chest height without wincing.

    I am grateful for a physical therapist who enjoys explaining her craft and helps me to understand how that shoulder is affecting my neck, my upper back and my pecs.

    I am also grateful for my blogger buddies; even though some don't even know they are my buddy. You all make my day!


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