Sunday, October 30, 2011

MCM Finisher George Raihala!

George finished the Marine Corps Marathon with a time of just under 4:40. Our friend Col. Jen Fullmer (USAF) finished just five minutes behind George. I'm so gosh darn proud of these two crazy people!


  1. Yay, George. I watched to the end! Congrats!!

  2. Congratulaions to both of them! Gosh, it's cold and snowy in DC today - they must be walking icicles by now! I'm proud too! Go AF! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Ahem...chip time for me 4:35:09; Hogg went 4:39:59 (also chip time) takes a while for 43,000 people to get across the line, so for the folks towards the back there is usually a pretty big difference between the your time from start line to finish and overall clock time.


  4. Quite an accomplish. Yay for them!

  5. Well done, George! 4:40 or 4:35, they're both great times. ;-) Congratulations on finishing!

  6. Congratulations to George and Jen! I'll share my take on running and triathlons, borrowed from a Maxine card my sister sent me:

    "There are women our age who run triathlons! And I say, 'Good for you.' Leaves more margaritas for the rest of us."

    It was the perfect card, because we share a history with margaritas, having slipped away for lunch when the kids were young and playing with Granny and Papa. There was a 2-for-1 special on the margaritas, so we decided to have one each. The waitress came back with four huge drinks in what looked like bowls on stems. Waste not, want not. Mama said.


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