Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love: Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea

Since last week's Stuff and Things post, I've been thinking a lot about things I love, personal things as well as stuff anyone can buy, and decided this might be a fun weekly post for Thursdays.

Things. Thursday.

Alliteration is fun!

Yes, I am a geek.

I also am a fan of herbal tea. Especially this one.

A friend introduced me to Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea a few weeks ago. It is gloriously yummy. And no, I am not being compensated to say this, nor did Celestial Seasonings send me any tea for free. Usually, I prefer Bigelow herbal tea to Celestial Seasonings anyway. I just really like this one.

And isn't the bookshelf mug adorable? Bought it at Barnes and Noble.

Of course.

I really should start charging for these endorsements, don't you think?

Anyway, what's a thing you love to drink? Herbal tea? Green tea? Earl Gray, hot? Coffee? Whiskey, neat?

Please share!


  1. I have a Tassimo coffee maker, and I love my morning latte. My dil gave it to me for Christmas a few years back--the perfect gift for someone who has only one or two cups a day.

  2. I love Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with one pump Hazelnut and one pump carmel. YUM! It is my Friday morning treat to myself on my way to work. And Friday's are worth celebrating ;-)
    Lu C

  3. Twinings "Lemon & Ginger" is far and away my favorite tea. I could drink only that.

    But it would be a shame to exclude coffee!

  4. Oh, thanks, everyone, for sharing! It's making me thirsty just reading your responses!

  5. Hi Susan,
    It's been awhile since I've commented, but I've still be reading. Looking forward to more of George's tri- adventures this summer!

    I'm really into Mighty Leaf tea. I found it on sale at Whole Foods and while it's pretty expensive full price, it's become one of my favorites, especially the earl grey and vanilla bean. They have a full website where you can order as well!

  6. I actually LOVE the Honey Vanilla Chamomile that you have pictured! It is such a smooth and aromatic tea! How funny, my DD is forever telling me that I'm giving away free advertisement with every post! (She's a marketing director, and social media presenter). Love that mug, too!

  7. COFFEE.
    with cream.

    ahhhh. heaven!
    thanks for asking!

  8. Susan,
    I drink all sorts of things. Coffee with vanilla soymilk in the morning, lots of water at work. Cranberry juice with seltzer when I need something really refreshing and Chamomille tea any time of the day!

  9. Y'all already know so much about's fun learning a bit about some of you! Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Love coffee...dark roast and steaming hot...or in the summer, iced with a splash of cream. Recently discovered Blue Diamond brand Almond Soy and creamy. The unsweetened vanilla version is my fav. Last but not least, an occasional wee dram of single malt scotch...or as my dear grannie used to call it, her "nerve medicine".) Cheers! Susan G.

  11. For many years now, I have loved Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach, and after introducing it to my m-in-l (who is English) we both enjoy a 'cuppa' together when we visit.
    Lately, Twinings Premium Black Tea with Pomegranate has been creeping up there in status as a favorite.
    BUT first thing in the morning,I just have to have my cup of DunkinDonuts-regular, please ;D


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