Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Snuggle-Bunnies Goes Bad

George and I lay on the boys' bed last night for Snuggle-Bunnies (our nightly ritual of tucking the boys in and spending what is supposed to be a little quiet time with them). During Snuggle-Bunnies, George and Jack often play a variation on "Got Your Nose!" with Jack stealing various facial parts off George. Last night, it went too far.

Jack: Got your butt!

George, Nick, Me: GROSS!!

Jack (cackling gleefully): I got your BUTT!

George: My butt just farted in your hand.

Jack: GROSS!!

Nick (laughing): "My butt just farted in your hand!" That's so funny! Say it again, Dad!

George: My butt just farted in your hand.

Just wanted you to know I'm running away from home. The testosterone in my house has carried butt/fart humor too far.... I need some estrogen.

Anyone know a good convent that will take a Methodist?


  1. Sometimes sharing this stuff makes sense....our daughter (who is 20 yrs old now) used to run up behind her Dad when she was five and lay a big smacker on his butt. They used to call it their "butt-kiss" moment. To this day, she and her Dad still call each other "Butt Kiss" and "Butt Kisser" as a joke. It will be really fun to share this story when she gets married - I'm thinking at the reception...(insert evil laugh here). Isn't that a mom's job - to embarrass their children? ;)


  2. Oh my gosh, I laughed and laughed. I have female friends, who like me, are the single estrogen filled body in the house. We exchange fart stories and pull my finger stories all the time with knowing smiles while our friends who are raising females look at us in horror. I have learned....If you can't beat 'em join 'em. I really believe that's why I never have any trouble with the middle school boys I teach. ha ha

  3. you can come here Susan. Lillie and I call the guys 'stinky boys' and run away from their cooties all of the time and talk of princesses and Lillie has her own G.R.O.S.S. club which stands for something but not boys and they're not allowed... something from Wimpy Kid but for girls... I dunno.

    But it us and the 3 girl cats and 1 girl dog... come on over, the estrogen's fine!!!


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