Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gratitude Journal #247

Today, I'm grateful still for my week in Pittsburgh and the lingering positive effects of meeting all these wonderful people, all of whom were committed to learning how to equip people to serve those who are suffering through Stephen Ministry.

Kim and Hilde

Mike and Jewell

Ellen, Kim, and Elaine

The Two Carols


Althea and I


Walking around Pittsburgh

Banquet Night

Today, I am grateful for the last week of summer, for cooler weather, for rain, for flowers and butterflies and the promise of my favorite season soon to come.

Today, I am grateful for freshman orientation at our high school and for my baby who is excited to go to high school.

Today, I am grateful for Jack's sixth-grade building, for a principal who understands special needs, for an intervention specialist who wants to keep the lines of communication open, and for the chance to spend as long as we need practicing opening his locker in an empty building with no distractions.

Today, I am grateful that my aunt Linda continues to recover from her broken back. It will be a long recovery, but she will recover.

What are you grateful for today?

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