Monday, May 20, 2013

Gratitude Journal #188

Today, I am grateful the red-bellied woodpeckers are back. Our nesting pair has been hard at work all weekend making its nest, pecking out a bigger hole, spitting the shavings out of the hole, and generally getting ready. What fun to see them hard at work!

Today, I am grateful for the goldfinches that visit our feeder, looking so brilliant in their summer plumage.

Today, I am grateful to have my voice back, even if it is uncharacteristically deep and hoarse.

Today, I am grateful for my husband's talent at barbecue.

Today, I am grateful for Nick's comments as he tries to figure out life. He recently tried to explain his short attention span: "I like lots of things." George and I both told him that is a wonderful way to live. I immediately thought of this quotation:


I decided not to tell Nick this. I hope his life turns out a little happier than Van Gogh's did!

Today, I am grateful for bird song, breezes, and blossoms.

Today, I am grateful for this reminder:


What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for little bodies playing silly games at track and field today. I'm grateful for my youngest running into my arms as she saw me approach the track and kiss me(that will end all too soon!).

    In Abby's field day, the cutest thing happened. Jack was the last one doing the sack race. It wasn't because he was the slowest; rather he was the last person in line in his group and his group was the slowest so that by the time he was in the sack, all the other kids were done. As he was nearing the finish, the kids started chanting, "Let's go Jack" and then they did this hand clap thing in unison and then they'd start over with, "Let's go Jack." It was cute! When he finished, almost all of the boys in his class gave him a high five.

    I'm grateful that Jacob apologized that I had to pick him up from school because he had a bad headache. I'm sorry he had the headache and he was apologizing to me because he knew I had to leave track and field to pick him up and he felt bad about that. Really, though, it was about 85 degrees and humid so I didn't mind too much leaving the great outdoors... even though I was enjoying watching those little bodies play around the big track at field day.

  2. Oh, thanks for that story, Maria! I am home sick myself today and am so glad you were there and so kindly shared that with me since Jack can't.

    I hope Jacob feels better soon!

    PS My computer crashed and I lost your address. Please shoot me an email at my new address gsraihala at roadrunner dot com. Thanks!


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