Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Fun and Date Night

We got snow. For some of you, this might not seem like a big deal, but for us in Ohio, it's huge. Last winter, we had no snow beyond a light dusting. Kids and dog were horribly disappointed, although George and I were somewhat relieved given that our new driveway is about eight times larger than our old one and we didn't have a snowblower yet.

I bought a snowblower three months ago, so we were prepared for the three-to-four inches we got...and for the three inches we might get tonight.


From the garage...don't think anyone's going to shoot hoops today.
Sledding and snowballs are on the agenda.

"I can fly! Well, almost."

"Eat the snow. Kill the snow. I am the snow's ALPHA!"

"Let's make snow angels! Spin!"

"My angel looks more like a pinwheel."

"Who you lookin' at?"

Snowball in the Face

Contemplating revenge

George asked Jack what he was going to do with
that chunk of snow. He replied,
"I'm going to throw it at Nick!"
And he did.

All snow pictures by George.

Thanks to my mother who stayed with the boys, George and I were able to go out on a date. We ate dinner at the Pasha Grill and took pictures of each other with out iPhones and posted them to Facebook, just like the dorks we are.

We saw Lincoln after dinner, and it was wonderful.

What are you doing this holiday week?


  1. We saw The Hobbit last night. Too long, but enjoyable as we are Tolkien fans. Would have been better without the extra material added in from other books. Making cookies today and back to work for Saturday, then off for New Year's. Lots of football in our weekend. And some reading time as well. Oh-finish Xmas cards. There are 12 days of Christmas after all! And I need to make a couple of birthday cards....

  2. Snow and kids just go together - oh and dogs and snow too LOL! We are hoping we get a bit here as it happens so seldom due to our being so close to the water. Glad you got some time together too :) I'm so relaxed I'm tired LOL! Three puzzles done, number four up and running and a book read. Life is good. Lots of fun family time togetgher too - a game of Risk will soon be had and I will rule the world LOL!


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