Monday, December 10, 2012

Gratitude Journal #166

Today, I am grateful for worship, for the warmth of church, the joy and love of sanctuary.

Today, I am grateful for useful people, such as roadside assistance mechanics and police officers.

Today, I am grateful for Christmas tree farms, where you can chop down trees that are too big for your house.

Today, I am grateful for boys who still believe and Santas who get it just right.

Today, I am grateful for boxes and boxes of tree decorations and a family who wants to help trim the monstrosity.

I cut at least 8" off the top so it would fit. No room
for the angel this year!

Jack was thrilled to stand on a step stool for the first time.

See how big that thing is?

The air is thin up here...

You're never too old to trim a tree!

Today, I am grateful for a tree that isn't exactly a designer tree. It's a little crooked; the ornaments are a random collection of beautiful works of art, mass-produced baubles, one-of-a-kind kid creations, and totally tacky; the star is a piece of yellow construction paper with gold glitter and a pink pipe-cleaner loop on top; the ornaments are bunched up at Jack height on one side of the tree.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

What are you grateful for today?

Note: Tree-trimming photos courtesy of George and his D90.


  1. You gave me a great memory rush with your statement about chopping a tree down that is too big for your house. When we owned our ski cabin at Whistler, owners were able to chop a tree down under the power lines in the area. Well...needless to say, trees look a LOT smaller outdoors against big trees! When we got it to the front door we had to cut three more feet off the trunk and the branches were so wide it had stood it at least five feet from the corner and the branches still bowed up the walls LOL! Grateful for that wonderful memory :)

    Also grateful that I have all my Christmas shopping and decorating done, cards made and sent and just a bit of baking and wrapping left to do - lets me focus and enjoy the season so much more when I'm ready early - love it!!

  2. What a fabulous family memory to share. And ohmigosh, thanks for nudging me to remember my own eyes are bigger than my house (or in my case bigger than my car) Christmas tree story. The tree fit nicely in the house, but picture a 13 ft tree hanging off the front and back of a little bright red Neon. Not a scratch on my DS's pride and joy, but it did take perserverence to woman-handle that behemoth into the house and onto the stand. However, one item I didn't think about was that this was a 'wild' tree and so imagine my surprise as I am armpit deep into the tree wrapping lights around the branches and I eyeball an EMPTY snakeskin??!!!?? DH and DS were on their annual hunting trip so I am alone. I am wailing and screeching and raising holy cain (loads of tears too). I call DH and had to leave a message on the camp phone (big mistake that, my BIL saved THAT message for many years). I only put up artificial trees now.

  3. Marisa, your story made me laugh, and KellyRae, your story made my skin crawl. Ewwww...I would have been screaming and crying, too.

  4. Love, love, LOVE the photos. I'm grateful for being able to fly out to visit my family in Washington tomorrow for Christmas.

  5. Beautiful tree and so many happy memories to cherish.

  6. Beautiful tree and so many happy memories to cherish.


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