Friday, January 28, 2011

Words, Words, Words, about Words

"The power of words can brighten the dark places and bring sunshine and healing to a wounded heart." Michelle Cox

I described the words Reynolds Price used to encourage me in a dark place on Monday's post. Now it is your turn. Whose words have brightened the dark places in your life?


  1. So so many people. I am so thankful I can read! From books . . . the Bible (God is perhaps the author who also gets what I need to hear in front of my eyes at just the right time!), authors like Max Lucado, Philip Yancy, Anne Lamott, . . .
    From blogs . . . yourself, Heart to heart with Holley, . . .
    I am so thankful for the written word.

  2. Randy Pausch's words in "The Last Lecture", specifically the words about a coach during his youth who gave him a really hard time. Randy found out through the Asst Coach that the regular coach cared about Randy, saw something in him, which is why he was on his case all the time. I read this in July, 2009, after a particularly difficult time. Randy's words made me realize that because you love someone, you stay after them, that you want the best for them. As I read this passage, the floodgates opened and my guilt was washed away by my tears. Powerful...


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