Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Daisy in the Snow

This is today's second post. Please scroll down for this week's essay.

The clump of snow over her right eye sort of reduces the dignity of the pose, don't you think?

George and I marvel at what a gorgeous 9-month-old puppy Daisy is. She's beautiful, yes. Dignified? Well, in appearance, but not in personality. In personality, she's a dopey, rambunctious ray of furry golden sunshine.

We wouldn't have her any other way.


  1. Susan, Daisy is probably all wet and cold but seeing her still makes me want to hug her. What a cute.

  2. Love how her coat is beginning to fill out. And just in time, too! Her coloring is just stunning!

  3. Love the photo! They grow up so fast. I always ask for a puppy hug and now that Annnie is full grown she can almost push me over when she leans into me. :)


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