Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things on Thursday: Word Mole

If you have a Blackberry or other device that allows you access to this game, DON'T GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking in letter tiles now. Even when I'm not playing, my brain has a tendency to get stuck in a loop: S-T-A-R is there a T? How about a T-E-D? No? Just an S? Shoot." Both George and I have dreamed about this game. Before dinner, we both hunch over our phones touching letters and mildly swearing when our words are rejected. When a child comes up and asks what's for dinner, we respond without looking up, "Noodle Dream. Now go away."

Does this mean we have a problem?

Well, duh.

This game is highly addictive and extremely frustrating. I don't know what dictionary it's using, but some fairly obvious words aren't recognized (cob, glint, sot) and some words that aren't words are (SOS, LOL, VIP...they're abbreviations...and who heard of IX? Seriously?). When I get desperate and the timer is running out, I just touch random letters and submit them. Sometimes, it gets accepted. Sometimes not. That's how I found I-X. Also, no swear words are recognized, which is highly inconvenient when the letters K-U-C-F form a tidy square.

Word Mole is why there's no essay this week. Well, in all honesty, Word Mole is only partly to blame. We can also blame the last three-day weekend that's being followed by a four-day weekend because of a snow day (Mother Nature, I'm peeved at you) and a teacher work day. I've not been able to listen to my favorite band--The Quiet--lately. I need The Quiet to write. I don't need The Quiet to play Word Mole.

Now, go away. George's high score is higher than mine. Must. Fix. That.


  1. LOL! (haha) I will NOT look into this game. So far DH and I have this battle of high score on Bejewled (a game I like because I refuse to think about my moves. A game DH is furious at as he ponders his moves and I HAVE THE HIGH SCORE!! bwhahaaaa)

  2. Your post made me laugh so hard. I love my children, but the need to be at school! They are being extremely mean to each other since they've had a ton of time together. Maybe I need to go play word mole to tune them out!!!

  3. I play until my finger go numb from holding the phone. My favorite word is "postcards" and "quilting" :)

  4. Thank goodness I don't have a blackberry because I'm hooked on word twist on facebook which is a similar thing. So easy to hit that "play again" button!

  5. I think it would tie my brain in knots! When I first learned how to play Hearts I had the same 'dreaming' experience. Counting, counting. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I woke up exhausted.
    My time eater is Zuma on Facebook. We bought the PC version (BC - that is, Before Child) and played it for several months. I think my eyes might have bled. Now they come up with the FB version...
    Curse you Zuma Gods!

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