Monday, January 18, 2010

Gratitude Journal #29

Today, I am grateful for Martin Luther King, Jr., and all who have fought for freedom with dignity and discipline; who have shown that content of character is more important than color, creed, or wealth; who have worked toward a worldwide symphony of brotherhood, of peace, of justice.

Today, I am grateful for this speech, a tour de force of rhetorical skill exercised with dignity and discipline. It's tragic that so many ears that listen are deaf to its truth and beauty.

Please take the time to listen...and hear. We really can't hear it enough because the symphony of brotherhood still isn't harmonious, even if it is sounding much better.

I Have a Dream

What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful for you, Susan. For using your wit and wisdom to brighten my day. For listing the things you're grateful for and making me realize the things for which I am thankful. For the inspiration I receive everytime I read your blogs. I'm grateful for the Christmas card I received from you, the CAS queen herself. Yes, I'm grateful for you, Susan, even though you are a Duke fan (lol). I'm grateful you're a good soul. With love and hugs from uncbballfan (SCS).

  2. Susan,
    Well said. He's one of my heroes and I teach his speech in my classroom.

  3. I taught it in my English 102 classes. It really is a stunning example of classical rhetoric used for good!


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