Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crushing the Dream

Actual conversation at our dinner table tonight...

Jack: I want to go see the dragons.

George: [looks at me, confused]

Me: He means the Dayton Dragons. We pass the stadium on the way home from Children’s Hospital.

George: Oh! Jack, you want to go see a baseball game?

Jack: No. I want to see the dragons.

George: The Dragons are a baseball team. There aren’t any dragons, buddy.

Jack: [very quiet] Oh.

The disappointment was palpable, and utterly, horribly funny. Nick, George, and I dissolved in uncontrollable laughter. Jack asked, "What's so funny?" Which only made us laugh harder. When I said, "We love you soooo much!" and gave him a hug, he said, "Thanks, Mommy." No hurt feelings for our insensitivity. Whew.

The week's essay is coming. Ironically, it seems since I decided to make my theme for 2010 WRITE, I'm ten times slower cranking out words. Go figure.

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  1. ah, the innocence of children. autistic or otherwise. reminds me of growing up in suburban washington, DC where we went a few times to shakespeare plays at the sylvan theatre, which was an outdoor venue. so once when we were visiting friends out of town, and spoke of going to the theatre with these friends, my younger sister went to put on her coat since she totally associated seeing a play with being outdoors!!
    aren't kids the best?!!
    my mother always told me having children was so much better than you could EVER imagine before you had them!!
    marty ferraro


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