Friday, September 11, 2009

IM Moo, Friday Update

We're here at Ironman Wisconsin (a.k.a. IM Moo, because WI is a dairy state, you know). We're settled in our lovely hotel just one block from where the finish line will be...and a Starbuck's. Am I in heaven?

George signed in yesterday. Here he is signing his waiver acknowlegding that IM triathlon is a dangerous sport and he won't hold Ironman North America responsible if he is hurt. He's about to get weighed in case he needs to go to the medical tent race day for dehydration. When George DNF'ed at Lake Placid two years ago, he was eight pounds light. Yikes!

A friendly volunteer took our picture as George went through another check-in station, getting instructions on all the tags and bags and such that are needed for race day.

Here's the view out our hotel window. Looks like they need to wash the windows, doesn't it?

Here's George as we waited for friends to meet us for dinner last night. The Wisconsin capitol building is much lovelier when not seen through dirty glass.

This morning, George and many athletes checked out the swim course, getting a feel for the water and their wet suits. This little work out--just a half-hour swim--keeps the muscles loose without tiring the athletes.

On race day, this spot will be filled with over 2400 crazy, wet-suited athletes ready to abuse themselves for a day. I can't wait to WATCH them, cheer them on, and snap pictures to post here.

Some early observations on the Ironman Experience:

1. Scorn for people who walk around wearing their finisher gear from previous races. Apparently, if you wear your old gear, it's considered pretentious and show-offish. George didn't bring any of his old gear at all. If I'd finished an Ironman before, I'd be wearin' the gear. But perhaps pride goeth before a fall, and my usually rational husband is mightly superstitious about this race. He wants to do things just like in the years he finished. No finisher gear for him until after he finishes.

2. Moms running around after small children are definitely exhausted already. I remember the feeling. Thanks, Mom, for keeping the boys for me!

3. Volunteers are WONDERFUL! They are so friendly and enthusiastic. A woman was directing folks at sign-in, and George recognized her from last year. He asked if she did this every year. She replied, "This is my eighth year, and I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

More later....


  1. That window was dirty, yuck! Apparently it is a real problem with the courthouse downtown, too, which isn't far from where you are staying.

    What do we feed the birds here in Wisconsin??

  2. yay, go both you guys! George looks in good shape, he will have a good day. if it's not too hot, this will be a good year. my buddy Barry is up there too, it's all very exciting! i trained for Moo 2 years ago...that was enough. LOL
    xoxoxoxxo, JoAnne

  3. Good luck George!

    I love Madison - went to school there! Enjoy!

    Christy G


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