Monday, September 7, 2009

Gratitude Journal #13

Today I am grateful for...

Thomas the Tank Engine and his visit to our area every year. Yesterday, while riding in the coach car right behind the Very Useful Engine, Jack said, "Mommy, trains are like magic. I feel like I can fly!" When the ride was over, he looked toward the blue engine and shouted, "Thank you, Thomas!"

The Glen Helen Raptor Center and the brave and knowledgeable Betty Ross, who works there. She took the owl George rescued from the side of the road and is giving him his only chance at survival. More on Wednesday about our exciting first wildlife rescue.

My mother, who is giving me the opportunity to go to Ironman Wisconsin this week with George for some grown-up time. Love you, Mom!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I wish we lived closer and could take our kids on adventures together!

    Good luck to George this weekend!

  2. I'll be out at Ironman WI this coming weekend as well! My husband forwarded me your blog as he rightfully assumed that I would appreciate your sense of humor about the Ironman and all the effort it takes. Good luck to George! This is my hubby's 2nd one...hopefully all will go well, if not better than the 1st!

  3. Elizabeth,

    Good luck to your hubby! If you see me milling around the finish line, please say hello!

  4. Good luck to George! Have fun.

  5. Grateful for having a chance to exercise today, for the cards and art I'm making in my studio, for the teachers who are giving it their all today.

  6. First, good luck on the iron man. yikes!

    Second, I'm grateful for a friend at work, who listens very well!

  7. Thanks Susan! Will do. He's hoping to finish between 11 and 12 hours. Last year was 13, but he walked half the we'll see!


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