Friday, September 9, 2016

Random Observations on a Friday at IM Moo

1. George is doing this year's race with John and Rob, two triathletes from our hometown. It's motivational to have friends doing the race, too.

John, George, and Rob

All three simply must finish because the finisher medal is outstandingly cool this year. It looks like the cow logo on the race banner.

The only way this year's medal could be better would be if it looked more like this:

But even without the tongue, it's a cool medal.

2. Signing up for most Ironman races really only has two prerequisites. You need to be kinda crazy and register before the race fills.

To finish, well, that requires months of serious training, smart nutrition and hydration, luck enough to avoid injury, and a whole lot of determination. This year, Dell Finney wins the prize for most inspiring story I've heard so far, and he exemplifies that determination.


I saw Dell yesterday at the lake and noticed how random strangers were walking up to him to shake his hand. The beard and tats get him noticed. Turns out he's quite famous on the IM Moo Facebook page. He started and did not finish the last two IM Moo races, and he's back this year for a third attempt. I'm totally on Team Dell and will track him on race day. I really, really want to hear official Ironman announcer Mike Riley call out, "Dell Finney, you are an Ironman!"

3. George, John, and Rob attended the mandatory race meeting today and had an amusing few minutes while an Ironman spokesperson tried to convince the dirty-minded crowd that the new section of the bike course resembles an upside-down Florida. Decide for yourself what the northwest loop of the course looks like by taking a look at the map.

Yep. Saying "upside-down Florida" doesn't cover the options, now, does it?

4. On a much more serious note, this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11. George and I noticed a giant American flag being raised at the Wisconsin Capitol building this evening. It must have been a trial run for an official raising since the flag didn't go higher than in this photo, but wow. That's a big flag. I hope we get to see it raised fully and rippling in a gentle breeze later this weekend.

Old Glory. Glorious.

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