Friday, September 9, 2016

A Stroll down Memory Lane

The problem with blogging something that happens annually is coming up with fresh material, a new perspective on the same old thing. I've written lots about Ironman before and thought I'd share links to my favorite posts from years gone by for those of you who are new to Ironman lunacy or who simply want to take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Happy reading!

Just Tri-ing to Understand 2008

IM Moo in Review from 2009

When There Was Still Hope from 2010 (George DNF'd that one)

Tri-Maniacal Post from 2013

Now I'm off for fresh material from this year's IM Moo.


  1. Hello Susan: My name is Maria Rodriguez and I'm not new to Iron Man, I've completed 2, the first one was the Wisconsin Iron Man Triathlon back in 2006 at the ripe age of 55, finishing 3rd in my age group, something totally unexpected for me. Just like every single athlete doing this crazy races, my only goal was to finish. After this race I did a couple of Half IMs, and a few Springs, I love this sport. I went back to Wisconsin for the 2010 race, I had a great swim, the bike was a bit harder but finished within the cut off time, but during the Marathon's first loop, I was coming out of the stadium, continuing through a wooded area next to the lake, I was feeling ok, but all of the sudden, I tripped on something, I think it was a rock or a part of the course that was uneven and fell hard on my knees, my right knee hit something and the pain was horrible, I tried to get up with the help of some of the spectators, I was bleeding from both knees, and my right elbow and forearm were bleeding too. I couldn't put any pressure on that leg so I sat down on the floor and just waited for the volunteers, who took me to the medical tent, my right knee was already swollen and very painful so, to make a long story short, they took me to the hospital and that was the end of my race. Needless to say, I cried and cried for weeks, I was angry and so disappointed and I thought maybe I was not going to be able to do this again. In the end, my right knee cap was very bruised but fortunately, not fractured. I wore a knee brace for a couple of months and then, slowly but surely resumed light activity. The doctor gave me the green light to go back to the pool and swim so I was very happy about that. I had some good physical therapy and by February of 2011 started running and biking again at the Y near my house. In March I registered for the 2011 Beach to Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon in Wrightsville, NC. that took place on October 29th. and I finished that one at the age of 60 in first place in my age group.
    The sport of Triathlon has given me some of the best memories in my life, my husband, daughters, grandchildren and sons in law, friends and other family members have cheered me on from my fist Sprint Tri back in 2003 to my last Iron Man Tri in 2011. I still swim, bike and run, not at the same intensity as when I was training for this grueling races but this sport still gives me such a sense of satisfaction and joy that I will continue to practice it for a very long time.
    Thank you so much for those fabulous stories, Iron Man gives each one of us ordinary people, who take time out of our busy lives with jobs and family obligations, the chance to do something truly extraordinary.
    Tomorrow another IMMOO will take place in beautiful Madison, WI. The waters of Lake Monona will soon churn with hundreds of aspiring Iron Man athletes who will continue moving forward to cross that amazing finish line.
    Best of luck to all, I wish for them the best day ever!!!!!
    Thanks again for this post.
    Big hugs,
    Maria Rodriguez. Wife, mom, grandma and an Iron Man Triathlete.

    1. Maria, thanks so much for sharing your participation in the lunacy! I'm sorry to read about your injury but glad you came back from it. Thanks so much for the good wishes!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you that on my first Iron Man Wisconsin in 2006, I finished in 15:14:43
    My swim was 1:35:26
    My bike was 7:51:19
    My run was 5:18:53, this was my very first Marathon EVER!!!!!

    My second Iron Man Finish was the Beach to Battleship Iron Distance Tri on October 29th. 2011
    My swim was 1:04:00
    My bike was 7:25:07
    My run was 6:10:04

    Thanks again for this post.
    Maria Rodriguez.

    1. Great times! George's first marathon was his first IM finish as well. He's done just one stand-alone marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, in either 2011 or 2012...a year he didn't do an IM.

  3. Thank you Susan, I wish for your husband and his friends a magnificent day!! I also did one stand alone Marathon and it was the very next year in Chicago, it was very unseasonably hot that October day, temps went up to the mid to upper 80s. and they cancelled the race because they ran out of water, can you imagine that? By the time my friend Claudia and I were on the second loop, there was no more water so they were urging us to stop and go to the buses that were going to take us to the finish line but heck!! I trained all year for this race and I was not about to throw all that away, besides, I wanted my finisher's medal and my finisher's certificate so, my friend and I pressed on and, with the kindness of the spectators who actually went and bought bottles of water for all of us in the back of the pack, I finished in about 6 hours and 40 min. or so, it was a crazy day but I'm glad I didn't pull out of the race.
    I will be tracking your hubby and his friends all day, I so wish I was there!!!!!
    Big Hugs,
    Maria Rodriguez.

    1. How awesome of the crowd to support you all that way!


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