Saturday, September 10, 2016

Past Performance and Call for Q&A

Repeat performance at Ironman races is extremely common. This is George's eighth year at IM Moo, and he's done Mont Tremblant and Lake Placid, making this his tenth attempt in 12 years. 

Just let that roll around in your head for a minute. Tenth attempt in 12 years. 

Let's revisit those previous nine races in George's own words (slightly edited for PG-13 rating). For those who don't know, DNF stands for "did not finish" and PR for "personal record."

Ironman Wisconsin 2005:  "DNF at start of second lap of run.  Horribly hot, windy day that sucked.  Cramps crushed me on the bike."

Ironman Wisconsin 2006:  "First finish; 13:25 on a cool, rainy day.  Never got above 60F, IIRC.  Skinny people were shivering while they ran it go so cold on the run.  Epic day."

Ironman Lake Placid 2007:  "Ambulance ride to the med tent at mile 14 of the marathon when I couldn’t walk straight.  2 IVs later and I felt much better.  Couldn’t believe I had another DNF."

Ironman Wisconsin 2008:  "Great day; PR in 12:41."
Ironman Wisconsin 2009:  "Had dreams of going sub-12, and went too hard on the bike too early to make it happen.  PR’ed with a 12:36."

Ironman Wisconsin 2010:  "Wheels came off at mile 14 of the marathon.  Bad year of training; burned out on Ironman, and just didn’t have the mental fortitude to finish a race I should have finished.  DNF."

Ironman Wisconsin 2013:  "Back after a 2 year hiatus; older plus bad knees limited my run training; 14:05 finish."

Ironman Wisconsin 2014:  "Complete crap year of run training; no running for month of July due to injury, longest training run was 5 miles all year.  Just happy to finish with a 14:15."

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2015:  "Another relatively crappy year of run training, although better than 2014.  Had hopes of going around 13 hours, but the day was incredibly hot and humid, and the bike course difficult. Still, best finish since coming back to Ironman in 13:57."

So let's see what Ironman Wisconsin 2016 will bring. The weather looks to be ideal, with forecast calling for sunny skies, high of 75 degrees, and wind 5-10 mph. George is now in Sloth Mode. He tries to do nothing and keep off his feet the day before a race. Here he is, surrounded by electronic entertainment and definitely channeling his inner sloth.

Since he's slothing it, if you have any questions about Ironman, training, or general lunacy, please post them in the comments, and he'll try to answer them! 


  1. Good luck to George! I'm curious how and where he trains for the swim. It seems training in a pool wouldn't prepare you for open water. And how do you train for all the other people around you? It seems dealing with the crowd on the swim would be one of the toughest parts.

    1. I do the vast majority of training in the pool. While it is different from open water, you build most of your swim fitness there. I do try and get at least a couple open water swims in, though, before the race. Really can't train for all the people around you; you just have to be ready for it. It is one of the toughest things...I'm super happy when I finally get to some clear water.

  2. Good luck George!
    Which of the three legs does he like best (or which is he best at athletically?)
    How does your hydration/nutrition change with the weather report?
    What is your post-race meal?
    How long does it take to recover from an IronMan?
    There's a lady at our gym with an IM tattoo on her calf. Do you have or would you get an IM tattoo?

    1. I like the swim and the bike...not so good at the run. My nutrition doesn't really change with the weather...if it's hot and humid and I add some Base Salts.
      Post race is always a beer and a cheeseburger.
      Takes a while; usually recovered from the soreness by Wednesday. I normally start biking again the next weekend.
      Don't have an IM tattoo, no plans to get one.

  3. Best of luck to you, George! I hope to make it out of bed in time to meet Susan at Starbucks after the swim start. You should be proud to enter and compete as many times as you have; I will be glad to find a parking space and drag myself up the hill to the Capitol grounds. Don't worry about those DNFs--at least they are not DNEs (did not enter). Good on ya!

  4. Well George, it's IRON MAN DAY!! I wish for you the best day ever!!! I've completed 2 Iron Man Triathlons, first at age 55, second at age 60, the one I DNF'd, was the 2010 IMMOO, I fell during the Marathon after coming out of the stadium on the first loop, messed up my knee cap, bloddy mess, ughhh!!
    Came back in 2011 for the Beach to Battleship Iron Distance in North Carolina, finished first in my 60-64 age group.
    You are a true Iron Man George, have the best day, soon you will be AGAIN an IRON MAN!!!!!

    Maria Rodriguez.


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