Sunday, September 11, 2016

Race Day Update #2

The marathon has begun! All three of our intrepid Springboro racers are on the marathon. Here's an update of times.

George's bike time was 6:29:53, and he's pacing on the first four miles of the run at about 12 minute miles. That's awesome!

Rob's bike time was 6:13:47, with an awesome pace of 9:18 per mile at 8.9 miles. Rob is a really fast runner!

John's bike time was 7:09:44, and no run pace is showing on the tracker yet.

Dell Finney's bike time was 7:56:28, and he's on the run!

Soldier running with his pack and the flag.
In combat boots. Respect. 

Rob, who almost ran right past a whole bunch of screaming
fans calling his name. He was in the zone. 


  1. Any Sherpa gifts planned? How long does it take to recover from this event?

  2. Oh my gosh!! what fantastic post, love that you were able to video tape your hubby on this last leg of the race and that picture of the Soldier running with the USA Flag is very moving.
    Now, maybe I can venture into answering Ginger's question, having done this race, for me, it took about a week for my 55y/o legs to stop hurting and the blisters on my feet to heal completely. This guys are much younger so maybe 3 days? Susan, let us know, will you?
    Thanks for this up dates, watching this pictures makes me recall those awesome years of racing.
    Maria Rodriguez.


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