Monday, July 16, 2012

Gratitude Journal #146


Today, I am grateful for an email responsing to my post yesterday on my stamping blog. The reader shared a lovely story of how my essay helped her put a non-stamping-related event in her life into perspective. That's why I help others. Sometimes, I actually do.

I had debated posting the essay here rather than on Simplicity, but it's ostensibly about stamping and blogging (even though it's really about life). If you're interested, click here: This Little Light of Mine

Today, I am grateful for rain. Good, soaking rain. Our dry, crispy lawn is grateful for it, too.

Today, I am grateful for moments of quiet and peace, moments to reflect and pray, moments to feel the world going round, moments of stunning sunsets, and moments of firefly flashes in the woods.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I love your gratitude Monday's. Some days I have to really ponder what I am grateful for; other's I couldn't even begin to list everything.

    Writing it very powerful. So much so that I am going to actually start a gratitude which I really write things down.

    Here's my first entry.....

    I am so grateful that I still have both my parents. They divorced when I was 5; but can still be cordial to each other. My dad is 78 and my mom is 73. Both are in pretty good health; and fairly active. I hope I have them both for at least another 20 years.

    I am also grateful for six brothers and sisters. Growing up in a family of seven kids was pretty trying at times; but now it is so nice to have that much family. We may live different lifestyles and not always agree with each other; but we're family. And we are there for each other if needed.

  2. Water
    Fresh fruit and veggies during summer
    My dentist
    A good night's sleep
    Another day on planet Earth

  3. I am grateful for a particular surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital who saved my husband's life. After three weeks of going from one hospital to another with misdiagnoses and a worsening condition, we ended up at Hopkins. After three surgeries, days on a ventilator, and a week in SICU, I am so grateful he is alive and home recuperating! I am also grateful for prayer. I firmly believe that prayer, along with the expertise and skill of his surgeon, played a major role in saving his life.

  4. Oh, Lisa, what a thing to be grateful for. Praise God the Healer who uses human hands to do His work!

  5. Susan, I am grateful for you. You have helped me more than once to get perspective on life. Loved your long post the other day. Very insightful, interesting, and thought-provoking (is that a word?) to me. It also helped me make a decision to get meds and the help I need. Thank you. Hugs, Jeanne


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