Monday, July 9, 2012

Gratitude Journal #145

Today, I am grateful for Pinterest because I've found so much there to make me smile.

Ms. Mellby, for instance, has an entire board dedicated to gray hair. Whenever I feel like I'm the only 45-year-old woman who's not coloring her hair, I'm going to go to her board and see that gray is beautiful. If you read Questioning in email, you might want to click on the blog link to see my gray-and-proud-of-it picture on my profile. Jack recently took the picture, and it's pretty cool.

Some other Pinterest finds that make me feel grateful....

I am grateful for companions in misery. I can relate, Funny Hare. Only too well.

I am grateful for this room in Florence, Italy, even though I will likely never see it. Its very existence makes life worth living, doesn't it?

I am grateful that books take you places and that some artists know this to be true.

I am grateful for gorgeous calligraphy of an uplifting verse.

I am grateful for math as well as life. (But Everytime should be two words, not one. Grammar Nazi strikes again!)

I am grateful for my mother.

I am grateful for beautiful rooms and the inspiration to create them in my own home.

I am grateful for timely reminders, even if initial capitalization is optional.

I am grateful for goldens. Awwwww.

I am grateful for good advice.

I am grateful for visual representations of my personal philosophy: I can see both sides.

Links to all these photos may be found on my Pinterest boards.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for you! Seriously, when I come to your blog, I am always uplifted. Whether you are posting a card, a family photo, or an absurdity from Pinterest, you have such a way with your writing, that I leave smiling. Thank you for that! I will absolutely need to repin some of these, especially the math pin. I nearly sprayed my screen with coffee when I read that one - laughing out loud! Thanks again, dear friend. You rock!

  2. I LOL at the first picture as I can so relate. Curly hair and humidity are quite the mixture and we have had some here lately to where my hair will shrink a few inches as the curls tighten. Tell a local weather man I know I don't need to know the humidex, just need to look at the state of my hair. Great pics from Pinterest!

    Today I'm grateful for the sunshine we are fiiiiinally getting her on the West Coast! Also thankful for swimming lessons as I swim laps while the kids are in theirs thus keeping the flab factor at bay a bit longer. Thankful for how well my kids did in school and their extracurricular activities this year. Ever so thankful for summer and it's slower pace :)

  3. Today I am grateful for the ability to take a wonderful nine day vacation.

    I am grateful for a reliable car so that I could drive 500 miles north and enjoy a few days with my son and daughter in law.

    I am grateful for God's grace that I was also able to attend a renewal of vows while I was in the UP. My cousins husband was dispatched to Afghanistan last April and they wed with much haste before he left. I am so happy for them that he returned home safely and they were able to have a "real" wedding.

    I am grateful for the final five days of my vacation spent with my hubby. We were able to complete a couple projects at home, host some family at our boat for the fourth of July and still spend some quality time together.

    And, even thought it was so disruptive; I am grateful for all of the rain and storms we've had. My flowers and grass look wonderful and we really did need a good watering from the heavens.

  4. I'm right there with you on the whole don't die your gray hair thing. Be strong and stand tall - we will never have to worry about our roots showing!
    I'm a pinterest junkie. I have limit look at only one page during work hours. It's a great site to be inspired, laugh and reflect.
    Great post! Thank you.


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