Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The Scene: Curtains open as Nick and I are loading bags full of back-to-school supplies and laundry detergent and contact lens solution from our cart into the back of my station wagon in the Target parking lot. Jack has high-tailed it into the back seat and opened his bag of Swedish fish.

Nick: I'll help you put these in the car, but I'm not going to help unload at home. That's wouldn't be fair. Jack's not helping now at all.

Me: Well, it's not fair that I have to do both the loading and the unloading.

Nick: Wow. [Pause] You know, Mom. I just thought of something. You DO always have to load and unload, especially when we're not with you. Now I feel bad, like I'm a really horrible person. Here I am worrying about what's fair to me and not thinking about you. How selfish is that? I'll help unload, too.

Me: Thank you, Nick. I appreciate that.

He puts the cart in the return, gets in the car, and we drive home, where both boys help unload the bags. Curtains close...

Bravo, my son. One step closer to maturity. I'm proud of you.

Or you really, really really want that rated M for Mature Xbox game.

Either way, well played.


  1. Those little breakthroughs always put a smile on my face and encourage me to press on in my quest to raise my kids to be responsible, giving etc. Smiling for you :)

  2. OH my word, this is amazing, Susan!!!!! I was so happy for you that I started to tear up a bit! Bravo and well done--give that kid a hug from me! :)

  3. How very, very cool. What a great kid.

  4. Oh, that brought tears to my eyes! Not only realising that the situation is not fair on you, but also expressing that he was actually only thinking of himself in his original assessment of the situation. He is going to go far with insight like that! :-) Good work, Nick! I vote you are mature enough for that M rated Xbox game. ;-)

  5. That's so good, I thought you were going to wake up from your dream at the end! lol! I always find it so encouraging to be reminded that our children are wonderful, thoughtful people. I just wish it would happen more often! lol!

  6. Well played, indeed! Either way, he sounds like a great kid.

  7. Oh my goodness I have almost this same conversation with my kids - "I don't have to help you unload because I went shopping with you" or "I dont have to help put away because he/she didn't help unload". I shall most certainly try the "it's not fair that I have to load and unload AND put away" approach next time. Hopefully I will have the same lovely, positive result that you got!

  8. Oh, how wonderful! I love it when the light bulb goes off (on?) :D


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