Monday, July 11, 2011

Gratitude Journal #96

Today, I am grateful for coffee. Specifically, Coffees of Hawaii Malulani Estate. I so totally needed it this morning.

Today, I am grateful for boys jumping in the pool and for dads who jump in with them.

Today, I am grateful that George safely completed the Caesar Creek Olympic-Distance Triathlon yesterday.

Today, I am grateful for own and other people's. Even though thoughts keep me up late at night, even though they distract me from sometimes necessary tasks, even though they shake me up a bit, they are never, ever boring.

Today, I am grateful for the book The Help. It gave me lots of thoughts.

Today, I am grateful for learning something new about words, courtesy of blog reader iriseyes. She pointed out that complaisant and complacent mean slightly different things, and I used the wrong one on my post Friday. Complaisant means eager to please, agreeable. Complacent means self-satisfied, pleased. I never knew. Now I do.

What a happy thought!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful that it's getting easier and easier to climb the mountains we've been hiking this summer. Now I only have to stop to rest once or twice instead of every 100 yards.

  2. I picked up The Help from the library this morning and I am grateful for a summer schedule where I can read it in the middle of the day if I like!

  3. Today I am grateful that we were lucky enough NOT to loose power earlier in the day. So many people in our area did. Of course it was a hot and muggy day to make matters worse for them.
    I am grateful that we never had a tree fall on our house or car during any storm.

    P.S. "The Help" is a very good book, too bad they had to make it into a movie so fast!

  4. I'm grateful for . . .
    . . . healing hands
    . . . elder daughters who take younger daughters clothes shopping (haven't quite yet conquered the marathon challenge of taking teenage daughters shopping for clothes!)
    . . . books that open our minds and hearts and change the way we see and live (like The Help, 1000 Gifts, Half the Sky)


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