Monday, July 4, 2011

Gratitude Journal #95

Today, I am grateful that 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence so very long ago, so grateful they stood resolute and courageous. Definitely something to celebrate with fireworks, don't you think?

Today, I am grateful for sunshine, furry side up.

Please note that Nick coined the phrase "furry side up" to describe Daisy as she lies on her shaved side so that, other than the cone, she looks normal. 

Today, I am grateful for a day spent hiking through nature's wonders right here in Ohio. Friday, we took the boys to the Hocking Hills. Pictures can't do the awesomeness justice, but George certainly got some good ones.

Old Man's Cave

King of the Cave

Moss-Covered Bridge


Devil's Bathtub

Rock House


And I'll close this gratitude journal with a picture of the most amazing miracles of nature I know.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Susan,
    Your pictures made me so homesick for the east coast. I love living in the west, but nothing here is like those wonderful Ohio woods pictures. Enjoy your beautiful family today!

  2. Fabulous country and a wonderful family, I can see why you are grateful today, Gay xx

  3. Your boys are so cute! I think Nick looks like you. I hope sweet Daisy is coming along well. Hocking Hills looks like a really interesting place.

  4. Great photos Susan. The scenery looks spectacular.

  5. The Sphinx picture gave me chills, and the Devil's Bathtub made me laugh. That cave is, in the true sense of the word, awesome.

    I love the 'furry side up' thing, too. I'll think of that next time my cat lies back on his spine and shows off his pink belly as he cleans his bits and pieces.

  6. Your boys are beautiful, Susan. Those photos are amazing. Now I have the Hocking Hills in Ohio on my list of "to visit" places. :-)

  7. What a beautiful walk . . . always wonderful to get into nature and be refreshed by God's awesome creation.
    I am grateful for . . .
    my husband who works so hard to provide all we need - and more,
    my kids being healthy and home
    the ladies in my bible study for standing by each other


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