Monday, August 9, 2010

Gratitude Journal #52

Today, I am grateful for cheese grits. And ham. And homemade biscuits. That's what George fixed for dinner last night. Don't you wish you'd been here?

Today, I am grateful for the fun of hobbies. George was losing the fun of his and found it again this weekend.

Today, I am grateful for wagging puppy tails.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am very grateful for you Susan. You have taught me so much.
    I am grateful for my husband that I love dearly and our grown children and I am MOST grateful for my beautiful golden girl Fira and our Mixed breed girl Zoe. They make me smile and laugh every day.

  2. I'm so grateful that my friends cat, who had been missing for 4 days, finally came home!

  3. I am not familiar with cheese grits (lived in Wisconsin almost all my life, we're more about cheese brats here) but I would be happy to try it right about now. Homemade biscuits ---> I am salivating right now.

  4. oh!!
    cheese grits!!
    when i was little, we often had bkfst for supper since it is my dad's favorite meal. and who has time for a great bkfst at 0600??!
    i'm coming over!!

    i am grateful to have a job that involves good work, even if the job drives me crazy. i am grateful that my hubby has a job and work he is really enjoying. and i am grateful for a few days off to play and accomplish some things around our house!!
    thanks for sharing.


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