Monday, September 15, 2014

Gratitude Journal #249

What a weekend.

Today, I am grateful to Dr. Bean and staff at MedVets in Dayton for treating Daisy for "garbage gut" on Saturday. Poor thing is sick, and there's no way to tell what caused it.

Today, I am grateful for learning about subcutaneous fluids and knowing that even though my dog looked deformed and sloshy about the shoulders, she had plenty of water slowly absorbing to help her get well quicker. She slept a lot this weekend.

Today, I am grateful that she happily ate boiled chicken for breakfast.

Today, I am grateful Jack got to ride Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday with George and his brother while I was at the vet.

Today, I am grateful for emergency plumbers who come on Sunday night and figure out that our pipes are clogged. I'm grateful for people who do this dirty, a better adjective would be "NASTY" job. Thank you ever so much.

Today, I am grateful that the raw sewage that spewed from our pipes didn't ruin anything important and that it's all contained in an unfinished area of the basement.

Today, I am grateful that our local Hampton Inn had vacancies and that they allow dogs so we could decamp to a place with a fully functional water system and breakfast served early enough for my kids to eat before heading to school.

All tucked in at the inn

Today, I am grateful that it was a raccoon and NOT a skunk or deer that ran in front of my car on the way to the Hampton Inn last night because my house stinks enough already and my car just got fixed and anything worse than a suicidal raccoon would have made me completely lose my sense of humor.

Today, I feel really sorry about the raccoon.

Today, I am grateful we can pay for all this chaos when so many people struggle with these sorts of emergency issues.

Today, I am grateful no one (other than the raccoon, of course) was hurt, maimed, killed, or otherwise tragically affected by events this weekend.

What are YOU grateful for today?


  1. So glad you got a relaxing, odor free sleep at the hotel!!

    Grateful for the simply AMAZING summer we continue to have!! Almost 5 months without much rain at all which is near unheard of here on the West Coast! Plus, it is high 80's in mid-September here today - crazy but love it!

    Thankful for a fabulous summer with my teenage kids an the fact they still like to hang out with their mama :)

    Thankful for my new PT job which was such a "God thing" I'm still blown away by it!! 5 minutes from home, two days a week which allows me three other days to still be a SAHM and work for hubby's office as needed, LOVE the job, the extra income, and what a great way to transition back in to the work force after 16 years off (not quite off as I ran a daycare in my house for ten years).

    For our Bible Study group - such an amazing group of people who are now very, very dear friends.

    For my son passing the next level Reffing Course so he can now ref full sided games.

    For a few extra weeks of kids being home while the teachers are on strike.

    For being able to get out of bed on my own, good health, a fabulous family and a God who loves me and calls my by name.

    Lots more but have to get back to work LOL!

  2. So happy for you that you did not lose any precious belongings. I just went through a complete sewage backup with my mom's basement. She had four and a half feet of sewage water in her basement. She lost almost everything. The most heartbreaking were two boxes of family pictures and all of her Christmas ornaments. The Christmas stuff was in tubs; but they floated and flipped over and filled with water.

    I was most grateful that she had the good sense to stay OUT of the basment until the water receded. We found out after the flood that her basement had no ground faults and her freezer and refrigerator were still running floating on their backs. It could have been a deadly combination.

    I was also very grateful for a hubby with a strong back, a sister that doesn't quit and the free time to set everything to rights.


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