Sunday, June 29, 2014

We Do This to Ourselves


Years ago, I accepted that life is a diabolically unpredictable, dimly lit roller coaster.

With long boring stretches.

And plenty of fun stretches.

And stretches so terrifying in free-fall that you will curl up in the fetal position and vomit into your lap.

We might think life should be one thing, that our lives ought to turn out according to our carefully laid plans, but the truth is that life's mostly going to be whatever it's going to be...without a care for our thoughts or feelings on the subject. We like the illusion that we are in control. But we're not. Unexpected curves, twists, and loops pop up all the time.

You can fight this and shake your fist and whine and complain all you want.

Or you can lift your arms and enjoy as much of the ride as you can.

Faith helps. It helps to trust that God's in charge and everything will work toward His ultimate good, even the really terrible stuff. Faith gets easier the more you see of life, the more you both witness and experience bad stuff turning, eventually and often unexpectedly, to good.

Have you let go of expecting life to be the picture you have in your head? Are you on the first row or the third row...?



  1. Great thoughts for today...I really enjoyed your post...thanks for sharing!

  2. Front row ... always pick the front row

  3. I never ride - much too scary. I'm a whimp, I know.

  4. Second row, but inside I'm a front row wannabe! Working hard to let her out!

  5. In all honesty, I'm probably more of a second row gal, who wants to be in the first row, but is just to insecure to take the plunge!! And to be honest, I skip a lot of these rides, not due to fear, but actual motion sickness, LOL!! Yeah, I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE!!


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