Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mooing in Madison

We're here in Madison for Ironman Wisconsin, also known as IM Moo.


This will be George's sixth time doing IM Moo. (He also tried the Lake Placid race, but as that involved being taken off the course in an ambulance, we don't talk about it...much.) You'd think once would be enough for any 140.6-mile race, but you'd think wrong because you are not crazy like George and the 2,700 other people who will be racing on Sunday.

Our hotel is near the Wisconsin Capitol. Pretty, no?

This year we're joined by George's sister, Angela, and brother-in-law, Mike. The three of them are posing in front of the entry to the swim of the race on lovely Lake Monona.

Mike, Angela, and George

Mike and George will both be doing the race. Angela and I will be carrying their bike pumps and cheering them on during the race.

And I'll document the insanity tell you all about it. Feel free to ask questions, comment, and cheer George and Mike on with us. It's bound to be entertaining, and you don't have to sweat if you don't want to.

We'll let the athletes do that for us.


  1. Keep us updated. Kudos to the guys for attempting this.

  2. The Toad did some biathlons back in the day, along with his dad and a few other nut jobs (j/k. kinda). But, having done the racing thing for a few years (mountain bike mostly, a little road) we are a family that can definitely understand the insanity to compete at these things!
    Cheering from the web sidelines! ( I'm thinking I need to suck it up and ride tomorrow morning)

  3. Loud cheers from Boston! Wishing both good luck. My daughter did a half ironman (woman?;)) in June so I understand how much training is involved. Be safe and enjoy.

  4. Go George! Go Mike! Wishing you both good luck!


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