Monday, September 2, 2013

Gratitude Journal #203

Today, I am grateful for a three-day weekend after a glorious first week of school. Both boys had an exciting and positive week. I was particularly proud of Jack, who stepped back into the routine like a pro and aced his review test on telling time.

Today, I am grateful for simple food prepared perfectly. Chef George is on a roll!

Today, I am grateful for beginning the week as liturgist. I was so uplifted to read the word of God for the people of God, especially when the day's reading was one of my favorite passages! (For the record, it's Mark 12:28-34.) Yesterday was Communion Sunday, and what a powerfully humbling experience to help serve at God's table.

Today, I am grateful for modern medicine and healing. Several people I know are facing surgery and I pray they are well cared for and heal without complications.

Today, I am grateful for paper, ink, and stamps.

Today, I am grateful my mother is coming to visit and care for the boys while George and I go to Madison for the Ironman race. I'll keep you all posted via this blog about our trip!

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Always so much to be thankful for :)

    Thankful for a great long weekend to be able to spend as a family before the rush of school and extracurricular activities begins.

    Thankful for Chef Jeff - my brilliant cook who BBQ'd a prime rib roast, made mashed potatoes and some veggies and yorkshire pudding to go with it.

    So thankful my mom is just 5 min. away when the lights are red and for how often we get to see her and enjoy her company and great cooking/baking.

    Thankful for our cat who has brought endless hours of love and entertainment.

    Thankful for a simply amazing summer weather wise -- one of the best in years -- and for the great times I had with the kids.

    Thankful for the VP at the HS that went the extra mile to help us out with a locker situation.

    Thankful that my kids are good friends.

    Thankful that God supplies all of our needs :)


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