Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pinterest Win

Long-time readers know how much I enjoy Pinterest, that time-sucking web site of indescribable coolness that can be practical on occasion but really just distracts us from being productive.

Earlier this week, I received an automated email from Pinterest informing me that the site had deleted one of my pins. After assuring me that I had done nothing wrong, the email explained that the owner of the copyright for that particular photo objected to its being pinned, which was her right, of course, and Pinterest respected that, although the email also explained that most holders of copyright images appreciated having them pinned, presumably as a form of advertising.

First of all, thank you, Pinterest, for having someone who knows how to use words write your automated notification. The email was well-written and clear and emphasized all the right things.

Second, thank you, Pinterest, for respecting artists' opinions and rights while still providing an epic web site. Of course you didn't have a legal leg to stand on given copyright law, but still...way to make lemonade out of a lemon.

Third, to the artist, I understand your point of view. You have amazing talent, and your photo of the barred owl spoke to me. But now I can't find your web site, and I has a sad.

These recent additions to my boards are still available for my perusal, and I share them with you today because I hope you will laugh and enjoy them, too.

Every blessed morning.


It's a mystery.

Yay, Gandalf!

Okay, I had to add one serious quotation.

Too true.

But the sponges come in wonderful colors these days.

I've laughed this laugh my whole life.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ahhhh!! These made my day! (and the last one is sooo me!! I don't DARE start a book if I really need to accomplish anything!)

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for making me smile at the end of a hard day, Susan (as your posts often do)!! I love all these quotes!! :)
    I also had the same (unusually well-composed) email from Pinterest this week about that stunning owl pin... which, infact, I probably repinned from you!!lol I don't know what I did before Pinterest- oh yeah... something else, like read!!lol
    hugs, Rachel x

  3. Thanks for the funny (and the one serious) quotes. Wondering if anyone else had someones face pop in their head when they read number three.


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