Monday, July 29, 2013

Gratitude Journal #198

Today, I am grateful for yesterday's worship experience. Blessings overflow!

Today, I am grateful for cooler cool we've turned off the air conditioner and enjoyed a fire pit night Saturday. Our back yard is such a refuge of cool breeze, wood smoke, peace, bird calls and frog chirps, and firefly strobe lights.

Today, I am grateful that Daisy's wound is healing nicely and she seems fully recovered from whatever bug she picked up at the kennel. She no longer wears the cone of shame, and she must be grateful for that.

Today, I am grateful for the laughter Daisy brings into our lives.

Today, I am grateful that Nick's maturing into a very nice young man...who needs to shave about every two weeks already. Grateful, and a little sad, too.

Today, I am grateful for USAA's quick response to our account getting hacked. We've been members of USAA since before George went on active duty (meaning decades) and really, they are the best.

Today, I am grateful for those of you who have been reading this blog for the past five years. You've stuck with me through thick and thin, good and bad, frequent and sparse posting. Thank you so very much.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. grateful youngest is coming home after a solo trip to the Canadian woods. Grateful His blessings still chase me down. Grateful for a vacuum that really picks up hair from 6 cats...grateful for 2 DILs who are perfect for my this grateful stuff could be addicting and certainly mood and outlook changing.

    patti moffett

  2. Thankful for the glorious summer weather we've been having.

    Thankful for the wonderful summer I've had with my kids and being able to spend lots of time with them.

    Thankful for a great message at a church we visited yesterday.

    Thankful for how God leads in difficult situations.

    Thankful for peace surrounding a decision I had to make.

    Thankful for the ends of many era's recently and how they signify change and new growth/opportunities: kids passing all ten levels of swimming, the swing set being pulled down; two kids in high school, two teenagers, no more daycare from my home etc.

  3. I kind of chuckled about the shaving son and I both started getting mustaches at the same time! So grateful for tweezers.


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