Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gratitude Journal #180

Today, I am grateful for continued healing for those whom I love.

Today, I am grateful for a sunny forecast this week.

Today, I am grateful for laughter, friends, and furry dogs.

Today, I am grateful that Family Fun Night is over. It's an event our elementary school PTO sponsors every year that our younger son starts anticipating in the fall and asking about. I do not like Family Fun Night. It's crazy to put 1,000 or so kids and parents into a building with bouncy houses, ring toss, cake walks, and cotton candy for two hours. It looks like this:

Waiting in line for 20 minutes to spend 30 seconds running through a bouncy house looks like this:

Or like this, if you're the older brother who came against his will:

I'm grateful it's over for another year. I'm grateful for the volunteers who make Family Fun Night possible. I'm grateful that after an hour, Jack announced, "I'm all funned out." And we left. So very grateful.

Today, I'm grateful for love and hugs, and the fact that we live in a world where Family Fun Night is possible.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Those photos cracked me up.

    Today I'm thankful for NutriSystem (I think). I'm starting it this weekend and my goal is 30 pounds.

  2. Your post made me smile and remember the days when my children were little.
    I'm grateful that both my children are now back home in the Bay Area. My son was flying for the Navy and went was on deployment 7 of the 10 years he was in active service.
    My daughter drop everything and went to live down under for 6 months. Happy she had the experience to travel like that but also happy to have her back home.
    Grateful that Annie (my dog) and I have a comfortable, safe place to call home. I may not own it but I'm slowing making the space mine. Landlord is great and living on two acres in Silicon Valley is very much out of the norm. Annie has space to run and I have space to putter around. Grateful that my landlord doesn't care what I do on the property since anything would be better than nothing. :)
    Thank you Susan for reminding me to be grateful and thankful of all the positives in my life. Focus on the good is the go.


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