Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving.

Gratitude has been my word for 2012, and today is the day that my entire country embraces the concept of gratitude in celebration of abundant food and family and friends and blessings.

Lord, thank you for the gifts we have received.

I woke early this morning and reveled in the silence and dark. Today is my birthday, and my first thought on waking was what a great year 45 had been, for an odd-numbered year, and how grateful I am to turn even again: 46.

Grateful to be getting older.

Older, but not wiser. Yesterday was not one of my finer days. Patience was in short supply. I yelled a bit. Snapped when it wasn't necessary. But when I showered yesterday afternoon, I let the water wash all the snippiness and frustration down the drain while I prayed a prayer of gratitude, gratitude for grace and mercy and forgiveness and cleansing water.

We need prayers of gratitude every single day, not just one day--no matter how special--a year.

In today's early-morning dark, I opened two gifts I received. The first, socks from my sister. Not just any socks, mind you, but fleece socks in a fun Nordic design. I opened them and put them on immediately. They fit perfectly, and since I am a dork who wears fleece socks and Birkenstocks all winter long, I giggled with glee as I wiggled my toes and slipped them into my 17-year-old Birks that are now my house shoes.

I am grateful for cozy toes.

The second box I opened was from my friend Liz. Out of the box came this gift.

I don't want to open it. The wrapping is simply too beautiful. Liz is that kind of person, the kind who does even gift wrapping with so much care and love that you know you'll salvage the pieces and be inspired to recycle them into something else beautiful.

I opened Liz's card, instead, and found a Thanksgiving card rather than a birthday card. Liz isn't my only friend to turn my birthday into Thanksgiving this year, and you have no idea how that gratifies my heart. Happy Birthday is a wonderful sentiment, warm and cheerful and full of love, but I am grateful for you...well, that is perfect.

Just perfect.

The quiet ends as other people wake and the sun peeks through the trees behind our house. But I want to pass on the gift to you before the day gets busy.

I am grateful for you. So very, very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    AND I am grateful for you ...
    ... for your words
    ... your sense of humour
    ... your amazing cards which have inspired me and opened a whole new way of looking at card design & space.
    I can breath now.

  2. Happy Birthday to you ((cyber hugs))!! Wishing you a blessed day and a great year ahead. May today bring you much joy as you reflect on all He has given. Thanks for your wonderful writings on this blog too :)

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving to all your family.

  4. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in my country but I think it's a delightful idea for a holiday - & to have it fall on your birthday is a double blessing. Wishing you & your family a special time of celebration together. I'm sure I should say this more often, not just once a year, but I am so grateful for your words of wisdom & wit & your beautiful designs on your crafty blog. My life is always brighter after visiting your little corner of the internet!

  5. Happy Birthday, Susan! And happy thanksgiving! I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving, or something similar here in Australia. I watch with envy every year as the internet fills with turkeys and gratitude. Thank-you, I am grateful for you also! :-)


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