Friday, April 15, 2011

Words, Words, Words about Weirdness

This week's quotation comes from Johnny Depp. As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew I had to repin it, and share it here.

My friend Karen D. gave me a refrigerator magnet of a beauty queen with a variety of sashes to describe my mood for the refigerator-reading world.

Of course, sometimes I'm Miss Queen of the World, and occasionally perimenopause forces me to wear the Miss B*tch to You sash, but more often than not, I'm Miss Weirdo. What makes me weird? I think my obsession with all things medieval is pretty weird, and my having an entire room dedicated to papercrafting seems more than a little unusual. I also can't stop reading a book in the middle of a paragragh: I must reach a stopping point...ends of chapters are best. My gray hair--or rather my refusal to dye it--feels weird a lot of the time, too.

Most annoying to the people around me is that if my brain is concentrating on something (and it's always concentrating), I don't respond to questions or much of anything very quickly. Oh, and the face I wear--quite unconsciously--when I'm thinking sometimes looks very angry. I have no idea why because I'm rarely angry about much other than having my thinking interrupted.

Weird, eh?

What makes you feel like Miss Weirdo 2011? Is your weirdness something you should embrace and celebrate (as with my medieval fetish and papercrafting and gray hair), or is it something you should work on (such as my unintentional angry face)? Please share your thoughts with the rest of us!


  1. Oh boy, is this the blog post for me!! LOVE your magnet!

    I get the paragraph thing... DEFINITELY. Even if I'm starting to nod off to sleep, I force myself to stay awake to finish the chapter!

    I can't sleep with cupboard doors open. Even if it's barely noticable, I know.

    I'm addicted to one particular type of lip balm. I have 5 pots of it open at the moment... strategically placed in different parts of the house in case I find myself in a lip balm emergency...

    I make lots of cards, but usually forget to send them.

    My sock drawer has all my pairs folded together the same way, in rows, all facing the same way. The newest ones are at the front of drawer and my furry bedsocks are at the back. People at uni laughed at me about this one... and I have NO idea why I do it!!

    I love my labeller. That reminds me... I haven't labelled my labeller... ;-)

  2. I truly understand the business of having to read "to the end". Last night I had to read the same page 4 times over a half hour because I HAD to get to the end of the chapter and I was falling asleep. Of course I may have to read it again today to see what it was all about, but I did get to the end.

  3. I get the reading thing too...can't stop in the middle of a paragraph.

    I insist that everyone eat supper together, but I allow books at the table. Hey, some of my recent favorite books are my kids' series like Percy Jackson and Twilight, and I get how hard they are to put down.

    I always carry a Spyder kife and a cork screw in my purse, everyone thinks its weird but I'm the go-to gal when they need something opened.

    I like weird people, they are so much more interesting than "normal" boring people.

    I even like the word, because it breaks the phonics rule that was above the chalkboard in Grade 1..."i before e except after c"...weird. I love rule breakers.

  4. Don't say wierd...say idiosyncratic... There now, don't you feel better. What a great word! Idiosyncratic...mmmmMMMMMmmmmm

  5. Danielle, my son can't sleep with closet doors open.

    Barbara L., I feel your pain.

    Lorrinda, I wish we lived near each other. A friend with a cork screw in her purse would be WONDERFUL to have around!

    Lauren, idiosyncratic SOUNDS better, like a good Greek word should, and certainly it's fun to say. But I'm rather fond of the Anglo-Saxon weird, with all its rich linguistic history (as a reference to fate, destiny, the supernatural, etc., as used by Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Keats). And yes, I'm a geek as well as weird, LOL!

  6. I think my neighbors are weird when I strap on my rollerskates and zoom around the neighborhood (the fact that I am 39 and a mom of three might have something to do with that). People in the grocery store likely think I'm weird when I talk to myself (I can't even blame this on the kids - I have always talked to myself). My husband thinks I am weird ALL THE TIME. He is the real weirdo though. If the neighbor sees me dancing around in the kitchen then 'weird' would be the kindest thing she could think.

  7. My neighbors THINK I AM WEIRD, that is. Should have checked before posting, dangit.

  8. We are all weirdos in some ways, don't we? I have so many little things... like the way I fold underwear... my hubby gets a crack out of it... but these weirdo things make us unique and special. :o)

  9. finish a paragraph but preferably a chapter
    "thinking face" that looks mad and is not
    room "almost" dedicated to papercrafting
    gray hair "not so much" but earned every one that is there
    medieval "not so much"
    my weirdness...the Hallmark Channel...can come in at the last 3 minutes of a show, figure out the story and cry my heart out. Oh yes, Hallmark commercials really send me to grab a case load of tissues!!

  10. Monika/Buzsy, I fold my undies the military way that DH taught me. They stack so neatly that way!

    Patti, I hear ya on the tissues.

    My DH thinks I'm weird to re-read books a number of times, but I don't think that's weird at all. It's like visiting old friends and very comforting to fall asleep to!

  11. "I'm rarely angry about much other than having my thinking interrupted."

    I'm so glad you said this! Maybe it explains something about me, too. My fifteen-year-old granddaughter frequently asks me what is wrong when I think I'm fine. Even my minister e-mailed me once to ask what was wrong during the last hymn. Nothing was. When I'm thinking, I must have an upset look on my face, too!

    It's the least of my weirdness. I buy many grocery items in twos. Or fours. I eat M&Ms in twos of the same color. I label everything that doesn't walk. I could go on, but I'm feeling an upset look on my face...

  12. My Cherokee name would be, "She who frowns when thinking."

    My office used to be a hallway fishbowl. When anyone would walk by, they could look in the window and see me working. And kinda frowning. Often people, especially the men folk, would pop in and say, "Smile!"

    Was I supposed to sit in my office alone, grinning at my computer like an idiot? I think not, my friends. I think not.

    Actually, I *do* think. That's what started all this.

    Great, relatable post. Thanks!


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