Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Giggle #29: A Postmodern Play in Two Acts

Act 1

The scene: Tucking the boys into bed last night. Susan is lying beside Jack, and George is beside Nick. The room is dark. 

George: Nick, we're going to institute a new rule in this house. Nothing but G-rated movies.

Nick: Noooooooo!!!!!

George: Yep. There's a good one coming out soon. It's called Fluffy Puppy Finds a Rainbow.

Nick: Noooooooo!!!

George: Yep. Don't you want to see Fluffy Puppy Finds a Rainbow?

Nick: Noooooo!!!!

Jack [to Susan]: Mommy, rainbows are sooooo beautiful.

Act 2

The scene: Five minutes after Act 1, following a particularly deep discussion between Susan, George, and Nick on what happens to us after we die. Susan and George are exiting the room.

Jack: "Are we going to die?"

George: "Everybody dies eventually."

Jack: "Not us! We're Raihalas!"

The End


  1. Awesome story! You and George have to be the world's best parents! Hugs...!

  2. Don't know about world's best parents, but our kids are pretty terrific!


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