Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here's a Daisy fix for your weekend enjoyment.

She's channeling Hoover and has now started prewashing the dishes. George is worried she'll cut her tongue, but Hoover never did. We handwash all our sharps anyway.

Hazelnut creme coffee dripped onto her head from the top shelf. Now she smells like Starbuck's and makes me want a mocha.

Happy weekend to you all.


  1. I have a friend in Seattle whose daughter has a golden, only quite large. Family was over for dinner one night with Scout and; before we knew it, we heard this loud clatter from the kitchen. Somehow Scout had gotten his collar hooked on one of the dishwasher prongs and when he tried to get his head out of the dishwasher, he pulled the whole bottom "shelf" out of the dishwasher breaking numerous dishes. After all settled down, we had to laugh at Scout's expression of what he had done :>)

  2. Oh, Wanda! That is such a funny story!!!!!! I can just imagine Scout's face.

    Just the other day, George pointed out that Scout would be a great name for a golden. He's a big fan of To Kill a Mockingbird. So am I, for that matter. Atticus is the BEST!

  3. Oh Susan, pre-washing dishes and lime green bath mat.... Daisy is too cute for words.


  4. omygosh... she has gotten so much bigger already! too bad they stay little for only about 20 minutes.. although I'm not sure they ever grow up in their minds! Thanks for sharing! ~ Julie

  5. I have two English cocker spaniels and they both pre-wash the dishes in the dish washer. One day I left the dishwasher door down as I dashed to answer the phone and came back to find both of them standing all four feet on the dishwasher door with heads and shoulders as far inside the dishwasher as they could get and rear ends facing out. Sure wish I could have had my camera in hand! Daisy is growing so fast!

  6. This post brought a smile to my face. Little Daisy is growing to be quite the helper around the house. Thank you for sharing, I love reading about Daisy!


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