Monday, August 2, 2010

Gratitude Journal #51

Today, I am grateful for George's good workouts this weekend. They muddy the waters as far as whether or not he will do Ironman Wisconsin in September, but at least he got some good workouts in.

Today, I am grateful for booda bones and tennis balls. They keep puppies occupied.

Today, I am grateful for the breaks I get when Daisy looks like this.

Today, I am grateful for mochas, which are the only things keeping me alive at the moment due to puppy-induced sleep deprivation.

Today, I am grateful for my blog readers and how kind they are.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Tee hee... I'm pretty grateful that YOU are the one training a puppy right now, and that my 7 year old furball is in her chair sound asleep next to my chair! Life is good....

  2. Oh Daisy looks so peaceful in that photo.

    I am really grateful for you taking the time to share with us your creations, family (which of course includes the family pet) and other thoughts. Life gets busy and it is comforting when people share and I can put a smile on my face . Thanks, Susan.


  3. I'm grateful for all your puppy pictures especially the one on this post - how adorable. Love her floppy ears :). I know how you feel, I felt exhausted when my cat was a kitten, I used to long for her to fall asleep. As soon as she woke up she wanted constant play time. I couldn't make any cards as she'd have everything off the table. And I couldn't use my computer as she'd climb up my legs with needle sharp claws and walk over the keyboard.

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  5. I'm grateful for the fact that your stories of Hoover and Daisy remind me of the eternal cycle of life and death, and make me look at my two dogs with so much love and gratitude that they are here sharing their lives with me.


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