Friday, February 7, 2014

Random Thought

I'm shocked at the number of pins on Pinterest suggesting that inner thighs shouldn't touch. Even when I weighed 109 pounds, mine touched. Who cares?

Wouldn't it be healthier if we all focused on taking care of ourselves and loving our uniqueness instead of loathing our pieces-parts for not meeting some random, warped ideal?

Just a thought.


  1. My husband loves me the way I am. I am not skinny,but I am able to walk, do housework, hike, help on the farm and be active. I am happy with who I am and how my body does what I want it to do. How I look is so temporary anyway.

  2. I think the concept of the inner thighs not touching is just bizarre. If you happen to be thin and also healthy, and they don't touch, then fine. But plenty of people are fit and healthy and theirs do touch.

  3. I think my thighs have always touched, even when I was barely over 100lbs. Of of the funny (or validating) things the Toad (dh) loved about my body was my toned, muscular legs when we were dating! (biking tends to build those puppers up!! haha!) He always said that athletic legs were so much more attractive than skinny legs!

  4. This posted made me giggle. For most very fit women, your thighs will touch due to muscle mass. I like to think - well if you are concerned about them touching, don't put them together!
    I remember watching America's next top model. Most of the gals (super skinny) could not do a squat. Tara was shocked at the lack of muscle tone.


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