Thursday, February 6, 2014

February's Word: A Change in Plans

You know, I thought long and hard about February's word and decided back in mid-January that it would be Openness.

That's a great word, isn't it? I love cultivating openness. I need more openness in my life. For instance, Nick has invented four-person chess and wants all of us to play. I hate regular chess and have absolutely no desire to play it, much less learn new rules to be beaten with. But Nick is my son and I love him and I need to be open to his creative ideas.

But unfortunately, now that February is here, Openness just won't work.

We've had over 40 inches of snow in Ohio this winter. We've had days when the highs didn't reach zero, wind chills that will freeze-dry bare skin in minutes, and more days off school for plain ol' cold than anyone can remember. Tonight, George informed me tonight's low is -4 degrees Fahrenheit that the long-range forecast doesn't show temperatures reaching 32 all.

I just about cried. And then I thanked God for coffee. And automatic coffee makers that make your coffee before you get up in the morning so you will get up in the morning. Because seriously, if it weren't for hot, black coffee awaiting me in the kitchen, I would. not. get. up.

Give me coffee, people. It's all that is keeping me thawed and capable of moving and talking and typing and not shooting holes in my freezer from sheer cabin fever.

Thank you, warm, wonderful coffee. Thank you.


coffee coffee
coffee coffee coffee
coffee coffee

That's my word for February.

What is your preferred beverage for the month of February?


  1. It's the first thing that enters my mouth in the morning. I like it bold and hot! But this past month as we've not felt all that great, I have had several cups of tea each day. For me, tea is more comforting. But. Coffee still wins as my first love.

  2. Tea is okay, especially when you're sick. But coffee...that's liquid perfection!

  3. Thank you for making me laugh out loud with this post! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tea! Earl Grey is one of my favorites! I swear I must have been British in a former life because just the idea of tea time makes me all happy! But I do love the smell of freshly ground coffee. Go figure!


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