Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gratitude Journal #225

Today, I am grateful for Kleenex tissues.

Today, I am grateful that I crossed paths with Chuckles. (You'll find the story HERE).

Today, I am grateful for meetings that get things done.

Today, I am grateful for four days of school in a row without a weather delay or cancellation.

Today, I am grateful for Special Olympics bowling and how much fun Jack is having. He bowled a strike Tuesday night! The tournament is on Saturday.

Today, I am grateful for massages.

Today, I am grateful for my word of the month: coffee!


What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for a husband who is out on a four wheeler in 14 degree weather, plowing open our quarter mile long driveway which is drifted shut with drifts of 2-4 feet. At last check, he looked like the abominable snowman and he's been at it for over an hour. What a blessing.

  2. I'm grateful for a husband who was able to keep a calm attitude when a overly stressed teenager finally crumbled under the weight of trying to do everything. Lucky for the teen, that calm demeanor helped put things in perspective and the rest of the week has gone much smoother.

    I'm thankful for Pinterest and those "have it all together moms" who pin, not only ideas, but TEMPLATES, for us "AAAACCCKKKK! It's Valentine's Day WHEN?!!) moms.

    And finally, I'm sooo thankful that tomorrow is FINALLY Friday (since I've desperately have needed it to be Friday since Tuesday!).


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