Monday, December 9, 2013

Gratitude Journal #216

Today, I am grateful for Christmas trees, for a funny employee at the Christmas tree farm who introduced me and George as "my dear friends Linda and Todd," and Santas who are really good at what they do.

Today, I am grateful for Advent and for Peace...the second week's theme. Our Stephen Ministry group handed out handmade ornaments to the congregation this weekend. The theme for the ornaments this year is Christmas Peace. What a privilege to bring the peace from Christ--peace that passes all understanding--to those who are hurting all year long!

Today, I am grateful for the 42 individuals who have already sent mail to Jonah and his family. To check if your mail has been received yet, please click HERE. I add names as the mail comes in, so if you sent something and don't yet see your name, please check back.

Today, I am grateful for the following comment from Jonah's grandmother:

Susan, it really has been humbling to see the list of all the people who have taken time to send Jonah a card. When I first read of the response, I was feeling something like guilt because I have no way to repay or thank these people personally. No words. I fell overwhelmed at even thinking of making each person a thank you card. You replied to me once with three words that have been my mainstay: Let God repay. Thank you for that freeing thought. In the midst of all of this - God has prompted my heart to realize afresh what He has done for me -- a grander gift of salvation to be sure, but just as undeserved and leaving me equally unable to adequately thank Him or do anything in an effort to repay Him. I know salvation is free and cannot ever be earned -- I am just having a fresh appreciation for being the recipient of something so valued and feeling helpless to express my gratitude. Jonah's Nana~

Today, I am grateful for those who have said how blessed they are to be able to lift Jonah and his family up with cards and prayers. We are blessed as we bless, and it makes hearts overflow.

Today, I am grateful for this reminder that my life doesn't need to look like it belongs on needs to feel good.

 May your Christmas season be one that feels good on the inside!

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. My heart is full today as I am thankful for so much.
    - A down weekend as my son's soccer game on Saturday and reffing on Sunday got cancelled due to frozen fields
    - The cold temps we've been having have given clear blue skies that proudly display the snow capped mountains
    - The fabulous new church we are attending where God's Word is boldly preached and one leaves encouraged as well as challenged
    - For two amazing kids and a great husband
    - for all those who are responding to your note about Jonah (sent two cards on Friday so they should be there soon)
    - For Jonah's g-mas note
    - For your wonderful comment "let God repay". LOVE that!
    - For Ann Voskamp's Advent book we are doing as a family
    - For my mom's continued improvement after her car accident
    - For our cat - who's purr and affection touches your heart

    And many, many more :)


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